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Video: Chic Design Area Rug

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Chic Design Area Rug

Length: 1:43 Added: Jan-9 Views: 13051

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Chic Design area rugs. Introducing Chic Design area rugs, created from woven textile to offer both high durability and unique and stylish decor. Low maintenance means you can relax and enjoy the warm comfort underfoot. The self-beveled edges provide a clean, polished look perfect for anywhere in your home or on a patio. Chic Design area rugs will create a bold impression. Chic Design area rugs have unique and luminous quality. Soft to the touch yet highly durable area rug is suitable for high traffic areas. Chic Design area rugs are available in two colors, sea foam and misty. Easy to keep keep clean, low daily maintenance, spills can be quickly and easily picked up. Dirt and dust won't build up on Chic Design fibers as they would on carpets, making this ideal for allergy sufferers. Finished edging prevents area rug from curling at corners, preventing trips and falls. Warm and comfortable underfoot. Made in Europe, reflecting a superior quality. Environmentally friendly. Floor Score certified. Virtually no VOCs. Phthalate free. Fully recyclable. Suitable for dining rooms, family rooms, porches, patios, bedrooms, and anywhere in your home. Chic Design area rugs.