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Video: How to Use Quick Start Mode

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How to Use Quick Start Mode

Length: 0:52 Added: Aug-29 Views: 264022

Vizio: How to Use Quick Start Mode


Vizio: How to Use Quick Start Mode

[MUSIC PLAYING] You can turn on your display and start streaming your favorite entertainment faster than ever before with VIZIO's Quick Start Mode. There are two ways to put your VIZIO display into Quick Start Mode-- using the included remote, or VIZIO's SmartCast app. Go to Settings, select System, then Power Mode, then Quick Start. Or after you finish the initial first time setup using the SmartCast app, a pop-up box will appear called Quick Start Mode. Tap the switch button. Your display is now in Quick Start Mode. To use Quick Start Mode even though your display is turned off, select any Chromecast-enabled app you want, and tap the Cast button. Your display will turn on, and whatever you're streaming will appear on screen. Quick Start Mode provides quicker access to your favorite entertainment.