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Video: Contempo Workstation

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Contempo Workstation

Length: 1:21 Added: Feb-7 Views: 28367

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Hi, I'm Farrah. And this is the U-shaped desk from the Bestar Contempo collection. This collection brings contemporary style to the home or professional office. At 60 inches wide, the U-shaped desk is compact and highly adaptable for any setting. The desk and bridge have a highly durable commercial-grade work surface, which is scratch, stain, and burn resistant. It's the kind of lasting quality that you'll find in this collection. The credenza and hutch offer many places to stow your work needs, from top to bottom. Six distinct open storage areas are complemented by a two-door cabinet and a lateral file drawer. You can even add a lateral file or a mobile pedestal from the collection to add even more storage options. All that functionality comes in a sleek and contemporary look. The metal legs provide firm support and give the desk an open feel. This set comes in Tuxedo and Tuxedo and Sandstone. The layering effect in this collection is used to create a modern look, and all the products from Bestar are backed with a 10-year warranty. To find your ideal space saving solution, click the Add to Cart button.