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Video: How to Optimize Picture Quality

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How to Optimize Picture Quality

Length: 2:03 Added: Aug-29 Views: 258694

How to Optimize Picture Quality - Vizio


How to Optimize Picture Quality - Vizio

Your Vizio display provides outstanding picture quality settings that can be adjusted for a variety of viewing conditions. You can adjust picture quality on your Vizio display two different ways, either by using the included remote or by downloading the Vizio SmartCast app which can turn your phone or tablet into the ultimate remote. First, let's look at how you adjust picture quality using the included remote. Then we'll show you how to do it using the SmartCast app. To begin, press the Menu button on your remote. A sidebar menu will now appear. Select Picture. By selecting Picture Mode, you can scroll through six adjustable picture settings-- standard, calibrated, calibrated dark, vivid, game, and computer. You can adjust any of these modes to your preference by selecting an individual setting such as contrast or brightness, and then use your remote to increase or decrease that particular setting. Standard mode is the default picture mode. Standard mode balances picture quality and power consumption. Calibrated mode is the recommended mode for everyday TV viewing. It sets the picture settings to values ideal for daylight or brightly lit rooms. Calibrated dark mode is the recommended mode for TV viewing at night or for watching TV in a dark room. Vivid mode sets the picture settings to values that produce a brighter, more vivid picture. Game mode reduces delays and optimizes the picture settings for console game play. Computer mode optimizes the picture quality settings for a computer display. You can also adjust picture quality using the SmartCast app. First, download and launch the SmartCast app from your mobile device's app store. In the SmartCast app, tap the Settings icon. On the Display Settings screen, tap Picture. This will take you to the Picture Mode screen. Select the mode you want by tapping picture mode setting. Getting the best picture quality for your display is easy with Vizio's picture modes.