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Video: HealthRider® H10x Upright Cycle

HealthRider® H10x Upright Cycle - Video Gallery
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HealthRider® H10x Upright Cycle

Length: 0:49 Added: Sep-18 Views: 12318

HealthRider® H10x Upright Cycle


HealthRider® H10x Upright Cycle

With the Healthrider H10x Exercise Bike, it's never been easier to lose weight, boost performance, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Featuring an eight-week weight loss program and 14 workout apps, this bike will whip you into shape fast. Designed by a certified personal trainer, each workout automatically adjusts your time and resistance to deliver effective training. Plus, with Silent Magnetic Resistance, each adjustment is smooth and natural so it doesn't interrupt your workout. And train in comfort with this oversized padded seat. Adjust it horizontally and vertically to find the best fit. With the Healthrider H10x Exercise Bike, you'll get the results you want fast. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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