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Video: Back to the Roots

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Back to the Roots

Length: 1:15 Added: Jun-1 Views: 10296

Back to the Roots Organic Clusters


Back to the Roots Organic Clusters

[MUSIC PLAYING] Introducing Back to the Roots stoneground flake cereals. Each flavor uses an ancient stonegrinding technique that keeps the entire grain intact. Nothing is added, nothing is removed-- just like nature intended. The original organic stoneground flakes cereal is made with just three US-grown ingredients. New cocoa clusters bring the cocoa bean straight to your bowl adding pure, non-alkalized cocoa from the Dominican Republic to create delicious four-ingredient chocolatey clusters with only 4 grams of organic sugar per serving and packed with protein and fiber. Our new purple corn cereal rediscovers the colors of corn and introduces a corn flake like you've never seen before. Made with organic, non-GMO purple corn from farmer Scott in Dakota County, Minnesota, this fun, vibrant cereal has only three ingredients and is full of the same powerful antioxidants found in blueberries. Delicious flavors, easy to pour, recyclable packaging, and recipes from the kitchen, not a lab. Breakfast solved. [MUSIC PLAYING]