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Video: Clickfree- Easy Fix Complete Repair

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Clickfree- Easy Fix Complete Repair

Length: 2:19 Added: Jul-25 Views: 6053

ClickFree Easy Fix


ClickFree Easy Fix

Nothing is easier than Clickfree. EASY Fix. Complete Repair. If your computer is not starting up properly because of a problem with the Windows operating system or some other form of software corruption, and you've previously backed this computer up to a Clickfree, we can quickly and easily repair your computer. To do so we're going to use the Clickfree EASY Fix software. If you're not familiar with launching EASY Fix please watch the launching EASY Fix tutorial first. If you are familiar let's get started. Plug that Clickfree into any USB port on your computer. Turn the power on and follow the process for launching the EASY Fix software. When you've done so you'll arrive on a screen just like this one here. Now, we're going to repair this computer with your previous backup. If it's been a little while since you've done a backup of your computer you're going to want to perform an emergency backup just to get all your content up to its most recent state. Click on Emergency Backup and follow the process. In my case, I'm fully up to date with my personal files so I'm just going to click on the Repair button here on the bottom of the screen. The Clickfree will immediately launch into the Repair function. It's going to compare every file on your Clickfree with all the files on your computer. Any missing files will be automatically replaced. Any damaged or corrupted files will also be automatically replaced. You'll see that it moves pretty quick, and that's because we're not having to replace every file on your computer. Just the ones that the virus or the corruption have damaged. You'll see your progress across the progress bar at the top. Once the repair is complete, you'll arrive on a Repair Complete screen. You get a big green check mark knowing that we've fully repaired all of the damage to your personal files as well as to your Windows operating system and your software programs. Now you can click on the green Close Clickfree button, unplug Clickfree from your computer-- and we'll automatically put your computer into restart mode, and it should launch back to your normal Windows screen-- and you should have a fully functioning and repaired computer. Remember-- when it comes to repairing a computer that has suffered a software malfunction or some problem with your Windows operating system-- nothing is easier than Clickfree.

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