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Video: Zumba® Fitness World Party

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Zumba® Fitness World Party

Length: 1:08 Added: Oct-17 Views: 2688

Work Your Body. Rock Your World.


Work Your Body. Rock Your World.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Escape on a fitness adventure around the world in Zumba Fitness World Party. Take your work out to Brazil, Hawaii, India, and beyond with 40 new exhilarating routines set to rockin' hits from Lady Gaga, Pit Bull, Daddy Yankee, and more. Travel to seven exotic destination in a New World Tour mode as you move to 30 international dance styles. Dig into a range of fitness features including full classes, calorie tracking, and goal setting to maximize your results. New realistic graphics bring world class Zumba instructors into your living room to transform your at home work out into a global fitness party. Work Your body. Rock your world. Zumba Fitness World Party. Coming soon Zumba Kids.