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Video: Bayridge

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Length: 1:24 Added: Aug-7 Views: 3631

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

I'm Karen Ang, Furniture Buyer for I'd like to tell you about the Bay Ridge three-piece top grain leather power reclining collection by Abbyson Living. Presenting the all new Bay Ridge three-piece power reclining collection by Abbyson Living. The Bay Ridge collection will add comfortable seating in easy power operation to any living room or family room. The Bay Ridge power sofa and power love seat each feature two electronically powered fully reclining seats that offer an infinite selection of positions. The Bay Ridge features deep comfortable seating with beautifully hand rubbed top grain leather that will provide years of beauty and wear, The Bay Ridge collection also comes with a power recliner that offers individual seating comfort. Bring the brilliance of time honored style, merged with modern charm, right into the center of your home with the Bay Ridge three-piece power collection. I'm Karen Ang. The Bay Ridge collection by Abbyson Living. It's available on