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Video: Duvalay X-Large Sleeping Pad by Disc-O-Bed

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Duvalay X-Large Sleeping Pad by Disc-O-Bed

Length: 1:57 Added: Jun-3 Views: 7870

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Video featuring products available on

Disco Bed now offers you the versatile Duvalay, a luxury sleeping pad with integrated memory foam that combines optimum comfort with incredible ease of use to suit and improve any sleeping area. This all in one perfect sleep accessory can be used as a duvet, a bed topper, or get off the hard ground and use it as a luxurious sleeping pad. The bottom pocket consists of a high quality Viscoelastic memory foam that offers cushioning support. While the top pocket holds a luxury hollow fiber duvet with a poly cotton cover. This ideal combination ensures you stay warm and have first class comfort and support wherever you choose to sleep. Unlike traditional sleeping bags, Duvalay allows you to kick your legs out for maximum comfort and zero constriction. Because the Duvalay is also reversible, you can place two side by side to make it a double. The fit is not only snug and seamless, but the pads will not move apart. The unisex patterns and colors have been carefully selected to suit most environments from adults to kids for both the indoors and out. Kids Duvalay comes in one standard size, while the adult version is available in either a large or extra large. Taking care of your Duvalay is simple with the removable and fully machine washable cover. The mattress can also be spot cleaned, if needed. Simply unroll and it's ready to go. When it's time to pack away, the Duvalay can be rolled up for a quick transport and storage. It's ideal where space is limited and helps make children feel more secure and comfortable wherever they are. Duvalay is great for sleepovers, dorms, RVs, or camping trips. In fact, the perfect add on accessory for any Disco Bed or Kid-O-Bunk. Whether you need to make an existing bed cozier, need a ready to sleep solution for an unexpected guest, or just want to glamp up your next camping trip, the award winning Duvalay is for you.