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Video: Pacifica 3-piece 76" Bookshelf

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Pacifica 3-piece 76" Bookshelf

Length: 0:57 Added: Jul-19 Views: 5740

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] The 76-inch Pacifica bookcase wall combines modern design with timeless form and functionality. Each Pacifica bookcase is expertly crafted from solid and sustainable New Zealand radiata wood, combined with a rich espresso finish, adjustable shelves, and a durable solid wood top. Time-honored woodworking techniques and heirloom-quality components such as corner blocking, traditional mortise and tenon joinery, brushed nickel knobs, and adjustable leveling feet ensure lasting strength and stability. Also available in a configuration with four drawers and two beveled tempered glass safety doors, the 76-inch Pacifica bookshelf wall is perfect for displaying your most treasured items. Whether you're probably presenting your favorite books, artwork, pictures, or mementos, the Pacifica bookcase collection is the ideal showcase for home or office. Epoch design, better by design.