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Video: Primo Pro Series Water Dispenser

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Primo Pro Series Water Dispenser

Length: 1:22 Added: Oct-16 Views: 30801

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to Primo's Pro Series water dispenser with our exclusive Primo Lock system to hold a single serve coffee brewer. Before attaching your brewer, place the silicone pad on your dispenser and press gently around the edges for a solid fit. Now place the brewer on the dispenser. If your brewer has a metal plate on the bottom, the magnet on the dispenser will pop up and connect to avoid tip overs. To remove your brewer just lift upward, and the magnet will disconnect. Next, run the chord through the notch in the back wall of the dispenser. To make a beverage, detach the water reservoir from your beverage maker and fill with cold 99.99% pure Primo water using the touch control on the dispenser. Reattach the reservoir and follow the manufacturer's instructions to make a beverage. If you'd like to use your brewer for hot water or to make instant meals, you can leave the beverage cup holder empty, and hot water will dispense through the brewer into your cup below. Using purified Primo water in your reservoir will create great tasting beverages and prevent buildup, extending the life of your brewer. [MUSIC PLAYING]