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Video: Newage Bold Series 27" Tool Chest

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Newage Bold Series 27" Tool Chest

Length: 1:11 Added: Apr-26 Views: 650

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Video featuring products available on

When your toolbox is stuffed fuller than a storage locker, it's time for an upgrade. Check out the NewAge Bold Series 27 inch Tool Chest. Built using heavy gauge steel with dirty lockable casters, our tool chest will take a licking and keep on ticking. Good things come in strong packages. Half the footprint and all the strength, this cabinet will fit into whatever space you've got available. And it's still got all of the bells and whistles. Eight fully lockable doors complete with drawer liners and easy pull handles keep your tools from crowding your space. We've even included a gas hinge raise and release latch system to really blow your socks off. Top of the line ball bearing slides make sure each drawer opens smoothly with up to 100 pounds of weight. And the scratch resistant powder coat paint finish keeps your cabinet looking like new. The 27 inch Bold Tool Chest includes tough caster wheels and a heavy duty handle that can be mounted to either side of the cabinet to keep your storage mobile. It's got all the extras you've come to expect, including our signature chrome trim and durable casters. So let's recap. Eight lockable drawers, heavy duty casters, durable pull handles, stylish design, all metal. Big mess? No problem. The NewAge 27 inch Bold Tool Chest. [MUSIC PLAYING]