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Video: Dynamic Infrared Portable Heater

Dynamic Infrared Portable Heater » Appliances - Video Gallery
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Dynamic Infrared Portable Heater

Length: 1:23 Added: Aug-18 Views: 15017

Dynamic Infrared Portable Heater


Dynamic Infrared Portable Heater

Hi, I'm Ian Wilson, buying staff for I'd like to talk to you about the Dynamic infrared portable heater with flame effect. The Dynamic infrared heater is a compact, portable, formal piece of furniture to add to your home. This heater features realistic, gentle flames that resemble a wood burning fireplace. Adding to the decor and ambiance of any room while generating warmth through efficient infrared heat. With its gorgeous flame effect and heat-producing capability, the Dynamic infrared fireplace works with your in-home heating system as a secondary heat source, and creates safe, efficient, and effective heat that will keep you and your family warm. It produces clean and economical heat by utilizing quartz infrared heating elements and multiple copper heat exchangers. The best aspect of using infrared technology is its uniqueness in minimizing wasteful heat collection at the ceiling height of your home. Instead, targeting heat toward the living space and material objects in the room. This heater can reduce your current home energy consumption by heating a single room up to 600 square feet, instead of your entire home. The dynamic infrared heater is a great investment. This portable heater with flame effect is also a beautiful addition to any room. I'm Ian Wilson, and the Dynamic infrared portable heater is available at

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