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Video: Vacmaster 12 Gallon

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Vacmaster 12 Gallon

Length: 0:53 Added: Aug-13 Views: 608

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Now Vacmaster combines two powerful tools into one long-lasting, hard-working, mess-cleaning, quick-changing, leaf-blowing workhorse. Whatever the job, cleanup is a breeze. Whether you're using it in the vac mode or with a one finger flick of the revolutionary release button, quick changing to the detachable blower mode. With tough polypropylene construction and heavy-duty casters, onboard storage on the casters and powerhead, and oversized, dust-sealed power switch, user-friendly handles, and outstanding balance. But most amazing, is how quickly and easily it goes from vacuum to blower and back again. It's truly two tools in one.