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Video: Madeline Stool

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Madeline Stool

Length: 1:01 Added: Aug-22 Views: 2651

Madeline Stool : watch this video featuring products available on


Madeline Stool : watch this video featuring products available on

This backless stool is a classic beauty that will provide refined styling along with a comfortable place to relax. It features a plush three-inch cushion covered in a luxurious Shiraz bonded leather with individual tacking around the perimeter for a traditional touch. Finished in a warm brown, the intricately carved detail in the wood base is another eye-catching element to its beauty. Our artisans insist on using old-fashioned mortise and tenon construction techniques for years of reliable service. This stool is designed for optimal comfort for people of all sizes with its 19-inch diameter seat and 360 degree full bearing swivel that will allow you a full range of motion in any setting. For further peace of mind, each stool has floor glides, which allow the stool to slide easily and safely across all surfaces.