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Video: Somerset Dining Set

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Somerset Dining Set

Length: 1:33 Added: Aug-26 Views: 31709

Somerset Dining Set: watch this video featuring products available on


Somerset Dining Set: watch this video featuring products available on

When you desire a trendy, counter height dining set that's perfect for your family but can expand to seat up to eight during entertaining events, then this beautiful set may be perfect for you. Our solid wood, 54-inch square dining top and stylish, tapered legs, finished in an appealing combination of soft suede for the tabletop, and accented black base, is sure to complement any room decor. Not only are these pieces beautiful, but what sets them apart from others is the heavy-duty construction that keeps the table stable and prevents racking and shifting. Comfortable, designer inspired, square block back with solid wood scoop seat utilizes century-old mortise and tenon construction techniques for years of reliable service. When it's time to scale down the table size, the butterfly leaf with self storage mechanism is easy to fold and hide away. Simply unclip the four locks that keep the seams tight, slide out the table on the easy glide carriage, fold up the leaves utilizing the brass counter balanced pivot, snap the side aprons into storage mode, and close the table, allowing the dowel pins to seamlessly bring the table surface together. Enjoy your new Conner height dining table set.