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Video: Ninja Kitchen System

Ninja Kitchen System - Video Gallery
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Ninja Kitchen System

Length: 1:45 Added: Sep-4 Views: 27545

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] The reviews are in! People everywhere love their Ninja, because it makes delicious, healthy eating and entertaining fun and easy. You can replace all four of these appliances with one amazing kitchen system. Now you can get 100% of the nutrients and fiber in fruits and vegetables with complete juicing. Chop foods like a pro, better than a food processor! Get silky smooth, resort-quality drinks with frozen blending. And even make dough faster and easier than ever before with dough mixing. No other appliance combines these three professional features. Number one, the Ninja is turbo-charged by an amazing 1,100 watts of pure power. Number two, an electric sensor automatically adjusts the speed and power, delivering the great-tasting, healthy foods and drinks your family will love. And finally, Ninja's cutting-edge, five-star rated blade system, the most exciting advance in blade design in decades. Ninja-- three professional features, one revolutionary kitchen system. Finally, a system so versatile and simple, you'll want to use it everyday. Now with the Ninja, you can make great foods and drinks with fresh, healthy ingredients that you control. Taste the Ninja difference. Sugar-free ice cream, vitamin-rich veggie drinks, farm-fresh salsa and dips, gourmet healthy pizza. And don't worry about clean-up-- the ninja is dishwasher-safe. That's the all-new Ninja Kitchen System!

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