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Video: Bellagia

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Length: 1:02 Added: Aug-28 Views: 3073

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Presenting the all new Bellagia three-piece Italian leather collection. Offering a perfect mix of style and comfort, Bellagia will add timeless luxury to the most important room in your home. This exquisite series features versatile furniture pieces that will be the highlight of any living room or family room. Crafted of durable, high-grade leather that is both soft and supple, Bellagia provides both comfort and elegance with its gorgeous nail-head trims subtly hidden within the beautifully handcrafted rolled armrest. The rich and unique dark brown leather has a touch of sheen that shows off the high quality and the beauty in this collection. In large family rooms or classy contemporary apartments, the Bellagia three-piece Italian leather collection invites you to a classy, laid back space every single day.