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Video: What s Your Why? Christina.

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What s Your Why? Christina.

Length: 1:01 Added: Jun-16 Views: 67

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] I had different reasons why I wanted to quit smoking. The sensory part, for myself, was diminishing. I couldn't smell things anymore. I couldn't taste things anymore. It's just kind of this downward spiral with my senses. My son and I lived together, and I was a single parent and raised him. And he hated that I would smoke in the house. And then one day he said to me, I'm going to school and a lot of the kids are making fun of me. And they're telling me I stink. It's the smoke, mom. He says, it's the cigarettes. And that hit home right there. I tried so many different ways to quit. What worked for me the best was the Nicorette lozenges, 100%. Since I quit 2 1/2 years ago, everything's changed. It's almost like an awakening of the senses. It's like a renaissance for my health. You're just like, I'm free. Let's go out and live and eat life.