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Video: GE Color Effects 50 LED Light String Set

GE Color Effects 50 LED Light String Set » Santa Best Craft - Outdoor - Video Gallery
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GE Color Effects 50 LED Light String Set

Length: 1:22 Added: Sep-9 Views: 7368

GE Color Effects 50 LED Light String Set


GE Color Effects 50 LED Light String Set

GE introduces Color Effects LED Color Changing LightShow, the newest innovation in LED holiday lighting. With cutting edge technology, Color Effects Color Changing Lights allow you to create a spectacular light show with up to 14 color changing functions. No other holiday light set provides both energy efficient lighting and color changing lights. Patented four colored high powered LEDs combine light to produce a full spectrum display of seven vibrant colors. The control box provides up to 14 different light settings, including chasing, sparkling, fade in, fade out, and multi-function. Color Effects string sets include a remote control for easy operation. Multiple string sets can be synchronized to operate from the same remote control. Decorating is a snap with the custom made mounting clips. Color Effects LED Light sets are available in many decorative styles. There are G35 string sets, icicle string sets, festive holiday yard sculptures-- such as the 7 1/2 foot three-dimensional tree, 7 foot archway, snowflake, Santa, snowman, and others-- as well as a variety of pathway lights. This season, transform your home into a wonderland.

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