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[MUSIC PLAYING] Maui Ocean Center, the Hawaiian aquarium. This state-of-the-art marine park brings Hawaii's aquatic world to life, with three acres of captivating exhibits and interactive presentations. The Maui Ocean Center presents living animals in true-to-life habitats that respectfully replicate the natural environment beneath the sea. Storyboards, located at each exhibit, give guests fascinating facts and detailed explanations. And our experienced ocean naturalists and divers are stationed throughout the park, giving interactive presentations and helping guests get the most out of their visit. Our commitment to providing you with unique opportunities for exploration and discovery is an important part of everything we do. One of the greatest parts about your visit to Maui Ocean Center, you can learn about a lot of the endemic marine life that we have here. About 25% of the fish that we find here is found nowhere else in the world. You have all of this live coral reef to see throughout our living reef building. Come in and see what you've been looking at while you're out snorkeling on the reef. Another of the greatest parts of Maui Ocean Center is our dive-linked presentation, where the diver is able to wear a full face mask with microphone and earpiece and interact with the public. As a diver, you can see the faces of people on the other side of the glass, and we see how this truly has an impact on people's lives. The Marine Mammal Discovery Center features fun, interactive displays and games that pay tribute to Hawaii's most popular wintertime visitors, the humpback whale. Guests also learn about Hawaii's other marine mammals, such as dolphins and monk seals.