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Video: Winegard FreeVision HDTV Antenna

Winegard FreeVision HDTV Antenna - Video Gallery
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Winegard FreeVision HDTV Antenna

Length: 2:59 Added: Sep-20 Views: 25771

Winegard FreeVision HDTV Antenna: watch this video featuring products available on


Winegard FreeVision HDTV Antenna: watch this video featuring products available on

Hi, I'm Jamie for Winegard company and today, we're going to take a look at the Winegard FreeVision FV-HD30 and FV-HDC3 digital antennas. The Winegard Free Vision is a revolutionary indoor/outdoor TV antenna that receives both UHF and high-band VHF digital broadcast frequencies, allowing you to enjoy all of your favorite local programs plus many additional sub-channels, up to 30 miles away from the broadcast tower. This antenna is digital ready, capable of receiving full HD and a 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound. The Free Vision can be used to enhance your existing entertainment system or as a means to drop your large monthly cable or satellite bill, since there are no monthly programming fees. The antenna is quickly assembled by lifting the forward elements until the holes are lined up. Next, insert the threaded post into the holes and thread the supplied nuts loosely on the back of the antenna. Dispose of the rubber boot on the transformer, and slide the forks between the two forward elements on the threaded post. Then, thread your coax through the body of the Free Vision and connect it to the matching transformer. Finally, tighten the nuts, making sure the matching transformer is still connected. An optional mounting pipe and foot is sold separately, or is included in the FV-HDC3 Free Vision antenna. A variety of mounting options is one particularly attractive feature of the Free Vision. Hang it inside your house or attic. However, for optimum performance, mount the antenna outdoor on a deck, railing, or the side of your house. If possible, mounting an antenna outdoors will always give you better signal quality, as the materials used your home's walls or roof will degrade the signal. Let's take a quick look at the Free Vision in action. After hooking up your antenna to your television, converter box, satellite receiver, personal computer, or other device, point the antenna towards your local broadcast location and then perform a channel scan to begin receiving available local broadcast channels, many of them in HD. Winegard company incorporated in 1954, is the leading manufacturer of quality television reception products, and has made important contributions the growth and development of the television industry. Winegard Free Vision antennas are engineered, built, and tested in the USA. Thanks for watching. This has been a quick look at the Winegard Free Vision FV-HD30 and FV-HDC3 digital antennas. And remember, the best HD is free HD.

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