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Video: Nardi® Delta Reclining High-Back Chair 2-pack

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Nardi® Delta Reclining High-Back Chair 2-pack

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Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Italy's most trusted name in outdoor furniture, Nardi products are designed, molded, crafted, and assembled in a beautiful northern Italian city called Vicenza. All Nardi products are made of 100% recyclable resin. Each piece of Nardi furniture can be completely recycled without producing waste or damaging the environment. Up to now, the Nardi line of furniture was only available to commercial clients at the finest hotels, restaurants, and bars around the world. But now it is available to you for home use. Today, we would like to present the Delta 5-Position folding chair. This chair is very elegant, yet functional and it's extremely comfortable. The Delta is made in Italy and can recline in five positions. The tubular frame is made of 100% composite polypropylene based resins to give years of durability. It will not rust, fade, chip, or peel. Comes with anti-slip feet. The synthetic fabric is breathable and made of non-sagging PVC-coated polyester. This special fabric is very comfortable and allows water to drain through so the water does not puddle in the rain. The fabric is resistant to fading. The Delta chair folds for easy storage. The Delta is available in three color combinations. White frame with blue fabric with white side table. Cafe frame, cafe fabric with cafe side table. Charcoal frame, charcoal fabric with charcoal side table.