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Product Video

Length: 1:07 Added: Nov-11 Views: 1714

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Hi. I'm Christopher Knight and I'm proud to introduce to Costco customers a new line of leather club chairs from Christopher Knight Home. Now working with top designers and craftspeople we have developed 12 top grain leather chairs exclusively for Costco. All unique in style and consistent in their statement of luxury. The Ruxton club chair offers old world style with modern comfort. This soft top grain leathers over stuffed style provides you with the utmost relaxation. While it's hip weathered look gives it character and individuality. The beauty of this supple mahogany brown leather is matched only by the rolled low arms and plush seat cushion and back, emphasizing the gentle curves of the Ruxton. The modern tapered legs support and perfectly compliment the hardwood frame piece. This gorgeous chair with its unique style will effortlessly add flair to any room. We are confident that this chair will add retro chic styling and comfort to any environment along with years of pleasure and durability. When you purchase from Christopher Knight Home your purchase arrives at your door with no surprises. Just quality piece of furniture exactly how you expected it.