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Video: Whistler IC-3709PX Inspection Camera

Whistler IC-3709PX Inspection Camera - Video Gallery
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Whistler IC-3709PX Inspection Camera

Length: 1:06 Added: Jun-25 Views: 11800

Whistler IC-3709PX Inspection Camera


Whistler IC-3709PX Inspection Camera

See it, find it, fix it. At home, at work, and in the shop, the Whistler 9 millimeter wireless inspection camera gets you into those hard-to-reach, hard-to-see places, in color and in full video. Versatile and tough, it goes we're larger cameras won't fit. Perfect for automotive and home maintenance and repair, use the camera to inspect brakes or spark plugs, plumbing, air conditioning vents, under appliances, or for home theater installations. Now, you can diagnose and solve problems in impossible to reach areas, thanks to the durable, waterproof camera and bright LED light. The flexible three-foot camera tube is extendable and can reach six feet with the included extension tube. Attach the mirror, magnet, or hook clip, and you'll find nothing is out of sight, or out of reach. Light weight and handheld, the Whistler Wireless Inspection Camera gives a crystal-clear view with a detachable 3.5 inch LCD color monitor. The bonus SD card allows you to record video for playback later. With the Whistler Wireless Inspection Camera, you're ready for any problem. See it, find it, fix it.

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