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Video: Vizio P-Series™

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Vizio P-Series™

Length: 1:43 Added: Aug-31 Views: 646

Vizio P-Series™ Overview


Vizio P-Series™ Overview

[MUSIC PLAYING] We didn't just set out to create the most captivating picture quality you've ever seen at home-- we've reimagined what it means to watch TV. Introducing the all new VIZIO SmartCast P-Series Ultra HD HDR Display. These tuner-free displays feature high dynamic range supporting Dolby Vision content and Ultra Color Spectrum, allowing them to deliver a breathtakingly colorful picture like you've never seen before. VIZIO's HDR technology produces a dramatically wider contrast range with bolder blacks, blazing whites, and more accurate shades of color that reveal details often lost in shadows and highlights. This is made possible by the use of full-array LED backlighting with up to 128 local dimming zones that adjust to the content playing on screen for superior detail, depth, and contrast. Ultra Color Spectrum brings a wider, more nuanced color palette to every picture, allowing the P-Series to produce colors more accurate to what the human eye sees. The P-Series Display also features VIZIO SmartCast TV technology. SmartCast TV is a fun, big screen interface for launching all your favorite apps and browsing shows and movies, including those in 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Vision HDR. VIZIO displays work with the Google Assistant on devices like Google Home to give you voice control of your P-Series Display. Stream your favorite entertainment with a simple voice command. Welcome to a whole new way to watch-- the all new VIZIO Smart Cast P-Series Ultra HD HDR Display. Only from VIZIO.