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Video: Newport Challenge AR Fluid Rower

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Newport Challenge AR Fluid Rower

Length: 1:16 Added: Sep-4 Views: 992

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Take rowing to the next level with the limited edition Newport Challenge AR Fluid Rower from First Degree Fitness. Designed by professional rowers, this system features patented fluid technology bringing you all the sensations of a real, on water rowing experience in the private setting of your own home. With simple assembly, this sleek, red toned rowing system is virtually maintenance free, and ergonomically designed for your comfort. Great for progressive training, the Newport Challenge features adjustable resistance, so you can easily switch from feather light to Olympic sprint settings at the turn of a dial. Built with a triple bladed impeller, the Newport Challenge offers instant catch, so you won't experience any dead spots. Featuring an advanced computer monitor with USB connection, this rower will let you record your workout sessions, connect with online racing, and access web based logging and ranking systems. The foot board features a unique heel support system that instantly adjusts to your foot size. Constructed from a tough polycarbonate shell and a durable belt drive, this smooth and quiet rowing system is built to last. [MUSIC PLAYING]