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Video: God of War - E3 2016 GAMEPLAY TRAILER | PS4

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God of War - E3 2016 GAMEPLAY TRAILER | PS4

Length: 9:58 Added: Jun-17 Views: 83




Roar! [IMITATES EXPLOSION SOUND] That dull hammer doesn't scare me! Boom! Oh no! Stop! Stop! Boy. Boy! Your mother's knife. It belongs to you now. What for? A test. She taught you to hunt, yes? Yes, sir. Then show me what you know. I am hungry. Feed us. What are we hunting? You are hunting deer. Which way? Your hunt. You tell me. South? Is that a question? South. Look! Tracks! They're fresh! This way. [SHOUTS] [DEER GRUNTS] Found it! Slow down, boy. Sorry. You must think. Do not simply react. Be calm and plan. It's just-- I'm, like, starving. I have a deer. There it is! Hold! What are you doing? Now his guard is up. Only fire-- Only fire when I tell you to fire. I'm sorry. Do not be sorry, be better. Find it. Find it. My bow. No. You will not get it. Stay back. I knew felt off about the forest. Keep moving. You know, if you give me my bow back, I can help you fight. I'm ready. You have yet to prove that. I need a chance. You had a chance. I need another. Then find that deer. Back away, boy. [INAUDIBLE] Here's your chance. Show me you're ready. Yes, sir. Watch out. Back off little [INAUDIBLE]. . Yes, sir. He's charging. What do I do now? Shoot it. Father. It is time. I will bring it down. You will kill it. Yes, sir. Now, boy. Do it. Off the ice, now. I am so sorry. I-- Your deer is getting away. Yes, sir. I can't believe we fought a real troll. And you froze when I told you to kill it. I know but he was staring right at me. How could I look him in the eyes and-- Him? I thought your mother taught you to hunt. She did. But I never had to kill anything. She always did that part. Then it is time for you to learn. Father, look. Wait for my mark. Relax. Do not think of it as an animal. It is simply a target. Clear your mind. Exhale and release. I got it. Good. [INAUDIBLE] Your knife. No, finish what you started. I-- Now you are ready. For what? A new beginning.