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Video: What s Your Why? Joe.

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What s Your Why? Joe.

Length: 1:44 Added: Jun-16 Views: 66

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I live in Grand Lake, Michigan. I'm an industrial diamond tool cutter. I do work for the auto industry. I started smoking like most people do, because my friends did it. And I hated smoke and I hated it then and I hated it for the 20 years that I smoked. I tried probably quitting, probably two dozen times. You name it, I probably tried it. But it was with my son that did it. I do remember him smoking and I just-- I hated the smell and I hated the presence of cigarettes. I just despised them. He was probably five or six years old. He goes and asks Santa Claus-- I'm standing like three feet away from him. He's on Santa's lap and, "Santa, I need you to help my dad quit smoking." He could have anything he wanted, and he wanted to make sure my health was all right. I've got a great son. He thought about me before he thought about himself. And I've quit smoking because of it. Since my dad has stopped smoking, he definitely did change in a positive way. My son gave me a gift that I could never-- I can never repay him. I just can't. And so every day has been about my son, because he gave me-- he gave me my life back. He's my inspiration, and I hope that I inspire him not to smoke. I'm proud of my dad.