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Video: Lift Chairs

Lift Chair » Furniture - Video Gallery
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Lift Chairs

Length: 1:52 Added: Sep-17 Views: 63224

The Taylor Power Lift Chair is a perfect fit for any décor.


The Taylor Power Lift Chair is a perfect fit for any décor.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Our lift chairs can be the perfect answer for you or a loved one, providing comfort and ease of everyday living. Offering outstanding comfort and style, our lift chairs are constructed with padded arms, back, and sides, with individually pocketed coil seating construction. Quality sinuous coil spring suspension is used throughout the seat and back to prevent sagging, with all-steel reclining and lifting mechanisms. Styles offer fully-padded chase recliners and lift chairs, providing comfort while sitting, reclining, and lifting into a standing position. Depending on the style, our chairs use either a remote control wand or push-button recline for easy use. Our lift-recline motors provide smooth and quiet operation with battery backup. Components are UL listed and meet or exceed rigorous testing standards. Comfort lift and recline chairs-- the perfect solution for comfort and ease of everyday living. [MUSIC PLAYING]