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Video: XTERRA FS5.25e Elliptical Assembly Included

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XTERRA FS5.25e Elliptical Assembly Included

Length: 7:01 Added: Sep-29 Views: 15369

XTERRA FS5.25e Elliptical Assembly Included


XTERRA FS5.25e Elliptical Assembly Included

[MUSIC PLAYING] At the heart of the Xterra FS5.25e home elliptical trainer are Xterra Fitness' proper ergonomics, a smooth 20-inch quiet stride, important workout data feedback, and challenging programs. Stability of the FS5.25e is unmatched, with dual wheels and rails firmly grounded, giving you the confidence to workout at your highest ability. The rails are aircraft quality aluminum to ensure an extra smooth gliding motion. This elliptical trainer sports a manual incline adjustable ramp, elevating up or down for best workout resistance. The ramp has three positions that are easily adjusted with a simple lift of the adjustment handle. Need a more challenging workout? Lift it all the way to position three. Xterra elliptical trainers have an integrated two-degree inward tilt on the foot pedals. This design puts you in a more ergonomically correct position for a more comfortable workout. The FS5.25e features an easy-to-use, bright blue, back-lit LCD console, with a multitude of program options, from contact heart rate to customer user to manual, will all challenge you to adhere to a regular exercise routine. Included is an MP3 audio jack for you to plug in your choice of MP3 player, or cell phone, for entertainment as you workout. Along with a fan to keep you cool. The FS5.25e home elliptical, for those who value extensive feedback, and maximum workout variety.

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