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Video: XTERRA MB880 Indoor Cycle Trainer

XTERRA MB880 Indoor Cycle Trainer » Fitness - Video Gallery
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XTERRA MB880 Indoor Cycle Trainer

Length: 1:45 Added: Sep-29 Views: 8227

XTERRA MB880 Indoor Cycle Trainer


XTERRA MB880 Indoor Cycle Trainer

[MUSIC PLAYING] Introducing the Xxterra MB880 indoor cycling exercise bike for both home and group exercise. The MB880 IS extremely durable and robust, and the frame structure is ergonomically correct. A fixed 48 pound precision balanced chromium plated flywheel will ensure a smooth motion work out, and the tension on the flywheel can easily be adjusted for flexibility of your workout. Comfort in the MB880 is paramount in this Xxterra indoor group exercise bike. The seat offers a friction locking system for easy seat fore and aft adjustments and seat post height adjustments. The padded handlebars place you in an ergonomically correct position, utilizing multi-positional comfort handgrips. Adjustment of the fore and aft handlebar locations provides flexibility for your workout. The MB880 comes with STD pedals, giving you that Tour de France workout, and standard pedals for a stroll in the park exercise. The wireless console gives you plenty of feedback, including heart rate, to keep track of your workout and keep you motivated. When you're finished working out, the responsive hand brake activates quickly for a cool down of the unit. Incredibly smooth motion, unmatched stability, and ergonomic comfort of the Xxterra MB880 indoor cycle will give you the workout that you've been looking for. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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