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Video: ProForm® Trainer 7.0 Elliptical - Out-of-Box Easy Assembly

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ProForm® Trainer 7.0 Elliptical - Out-of-Box Easy Assembly

Length: 1:17 Added: Mar-10 Views: 33617

ProForm® Trainer 7.0 Elliptical


ProForm® Trainer 7.0 Elliptical

[MUSIC PLAYING] Every feature on the ProForm Trainer 7.0 is streamlined for a powerful yet intuitive experience. Instead of taking hours to get started, it took minutes. The stride is adjustable, so it fits me perfectly. But the feature I love most is the display. The round power watts console shows me exactly how hard I'm working instantly. Plus it makes interval workouts super easy with the quick work and recover buttons. And when I need a little motivation, I just log in to iFit. I get to workout anywhere in the world thanks to Google Maps. Simply draw a route and then run it. It feels so good to try something new every day. When it's time to challenge my fitness, I turn up the resistance and the intensity. I can really feel it engage my muscles. Then I grab hold of the resistance arms, and suddenly my core, upper body, and lower body are all working in sync and getting stronger. I really appreciate the workout fan on those days. And no workout is complete without a good cardio playlist. On the Trainer 7.0, I don't have to worry about tangled headphone cords thanks to the built-in sound system. After all, good habits start at home. Start yours with ProForm.