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Length: 1:30 Added: Feb-18 Views: 554

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Prepare to entertain and amaze with the all new Wallace 72-inch Media Console by Abbyson Living. Encompassing all of the elements of both classic and contemporary styling, this versatile console will complement any home decor. A beautiful contrast is created with the rich walnut finish and the polished silver handles. Each piece is individually crafted by cabinet makers with solid wood frames and traditional woodworking techniques. Two pull-out drawers are placed conveniently at the top corners, and four more larger drawers on the left and right sides to maximize space while providing an elegant appearance. Wallace also features an opening glass door and open top center area as the perfect support for all your home entertainment components. Best of all, this unique piece is 72 inches wide from left to right and able to accommodate various television sizes. Create a true home theater experience with the Wallace 72-inch Media Console by Abbyson Living. Abbyson Living. Inspired elegance for the way we live. [MUSIC PLAYING]