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Video: Colmar 4-piece Top Grain Leather Set

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Colmar 4-piece Top Grain Leather Set

Length: 0:47 Added: Sep-26 Views: 10218

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Video featuring products available on

Styled in a transitional look, the Colmar 4-piece Leather Set will blend with any home's decor. Pleasing design lines of the shaped track arms epitomize the simple yet timeless style of the Colmar. The thick leather is a rich slate gray color that has been naturally milled for softness. This leather will adapt to the ambient temperature of the room or your own body's temperature. The feather blend seating system and elastic web suspension creates your own zone of support and also helps to reduce any potential rolling of someone into your seating area. Solid wood legs complete the design. And you can request a free swatch to make sure the leather fits your decor.