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Video: Epic TL 2015 Treadmill

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Epic TL 2015 Treadmill

Length: 0:52 Added: Sep-30 Views: 19119

Epic TL 2015 Treadmill


Epic TL 2015 Treadmill

Step up to incredible performance with the Epic TL 2015 Treadmill. Train around the world with iFit Live technology. Workouts powered by Google Maps match any route around the globe and training with Jillian Michaels will help you reach your weight loss or performance goals. Plus, the 3.0 CHP Odyssey commercial motor delivers commercial-grade power for every workout. And with an included wireless chest strap, you'll get a continuous heart rate reading to maximize your training. Other features include 20 built-in workout apps designed by a certified personal trainer, one-touch controls, and comfortable ComfortShox cushioning. From workouts around the world to a heavy-duty commercial-grade motor, the Epic TL 2015 Treadmill is built for performance.

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