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Video: 600TC Tencel Sheets

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600TC Tencel Sheets

Length: 1:42 Added: Jun-20 Views: 3190

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Thank you for viewing Veratex's 600 thread-count Tencel Sheet Sets that are made in the USA. Tensel is a natural cellulose fiber made from sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus grows quickly and without irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers, or genetic manipulation. It can also be planted on marginal land that cannot be used for food crops. The fiber yield per acre from tress used in the tensel fibers is up to 10 times higher than that of cotton. Also, cotton needs up to 20 times more water to grow. Finally, there is no need for fabric softener or whitening agents and energy and water use can be decreased due to shorter washing machine cycles. All this makes tensel an extremely environmentally friendly fiber. It offers optimum moisture transportation for your skin's well-being. Its advantages also include its softness, drape, an antibacterial properties. Tensel strength is much greater than that of cotton and tensel's claim to fame is its ability to absorb excess liquid perspiration at a rate of 50% more than cotton. Tensel's antibacterial property is inherent to fiber without the chemical additives that are used on synthetics and many cotton products. Tensel lyocell fibers are also gentle to the skin. The microscopic surfaces of tensel lyocell fibers are smoother than the surfaces of same little, cotton, and wool reducing skin irritation. Tensel lyocell is hypoallergenic an antistatic. So thank you for viewing Veratex's made in the USA Tensel Sheet Sets. We hope you will enjoy them.