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Video: Costco Services Overview

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Costco Services Overview

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Costco Services Overview: watch this video featuring products available on


Costco Services Overview: watch this video featuring products available on

We know you come to Costco to purchase quality items at a great value. But did you know Costco also offers exceptional services with impressive savings for home and office not available on the warehouse floor? Hello, I'm Eddie Murphy. We've had the pleasure of providing Costco Services to over 1 million members, with services such as auto insurance, car purchases, water delivery, payment processing, and much more. We've negotiated exclusive discounts for families and businesses with our Costco Services providers, and even more benefits for executive members that go beyond the walls of Costco warehouses. I'd like to share just a brief introduction to some of these services available to all of our Costco members. One of our most popular services is the Costco Auto Program-- offers low, prearranged pricing, selling over 1 million vehicles in the last 5 years through a select network of over 3,000 dealerships. From new and factory-certified pre-owned vehicles to motorcycles and power sports, trained, authorized dealer contacts ensure Costco members a no-hassle buying experience. The Costco Auto Program goes to great lengths to ensure that our pricing is competitive and provides outstanding benefits to our members. The Costco Auto Program website,, provides valuable information on rebates, incentives, and financial tools. Today, more than 300,000 Costco members have switched to Costco provider Ameriprise for auto and home insurance. What makes Ameriprise a good fit with Costco? They have the same philosophy as Costco regarding member care, and they take service seriously. We require our service providers to create and provide exclusive values for Costco members, and Ameriprise has consistently done that without sacrificing services. Certainly another reason is the outstanding, competitive price. When they switch, members report substantial average first year savings on premiums, on auto insurance, and home insurance. Did you know services like water delivery to your office or home are available? As a member, you can enjoy the convenience of brand name bottled water delivered to your home or office with several money-saving options. Costco Services offers savings on state-of-the-art business phone and conference equipment. These products come with the assurance of quality and reliability you've come to expect from Costco. Our membership makes certain to shop the Costco health care insurance marketplace to compare available plans in your area, obtain quotes, and enroll online. Health care insurance has become an even more complex and expensive necessity. That's why Costco Services is working with health care providers to offer extraordinary health care solutions for both businesses and individuals. Costco members are also discovering the low credit card processing rates with no hidden fees for business, saving members an average of $600 a year. It's important to enable your customers to pay the way they prefer. They'll spend more and keep coming back, helping improve your bottom line. That's why Costco's negotiated a superb program for business members to accept most major debit and credit cards with Elavon, a leader in the payment processing industry. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. As a Costco member, you have access to total protection from Identity Guard. Costco members can purchase life insurance for less. Affordable life insurance has never been easier to obtain, and Costco members now have access to an exclusive offering through Protective Life Insurance Company. As a Costco member, you receive special entry-level pricing. The team at Costco Services invites you to learn why over 1 million Costco members have made informed decisions and have taken advantage of the convenience and money-saving services offered by our Costco Service providers.