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Video: MountWerks MW35C22

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MountWerks MW35C22

Length: 1:49 Added: Oct-4 Views: 21183

MountWerks MW35C22: watch this video featuring products available on


MountWerks MW35C22: watch this video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYS] The MW25C22 is ideal for anyone who wants all of the flexibility of a full motion mount for flat panel TVs that way up to 35 pounds, and have a VESA mounting pattern up to 200 millimeters by 200 millimeters. Made from extruded aluminum and powder coated with a rich black finish, the MW35C22 is a high quality solution with the most flexibility of any of the mount styles. To start, using a screwdriver and the include screws and washers, attach the removable, easy-attach mounting plate to the back of your TV. In some cases, you may need to use the included adapter. Choose a location where you want to mount your flat panel TV and use a stud finder to find the stuff. Then, using a level, center the wall plate on the wall, making sure it's level, and drill your pilot holes. Using a ratchet, tighten the leg bolts. Hang the TV on the mount using our easy attach feature and secure it to the mount arm using the provided screws. Your TV is now securely mounted on the wall. This flat panel TV wall mounted is not only simple to install, but has all the features you want. It has a low melting profile and an integrated tilt function, allowing up to 10 degrees of tilt. It also allows you to pan and swing the TV for optimum viewing, or for use in multiple viewing areas. It's VESA compliant up to 200 by 200 and includes all necessary hardware, eliminating the need for a trip to the hardware store. MountWerks is a company with over 25 years of mounting experience, dedicated to bringing you high quality mounting solutions at aggressive retail price points. Rest assured, you've made the right choice. [MUSIC ENDS]