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Video: Abbyson Furniture Care

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Abbyson Furniture Care

Length: 2:43 Added: Aug-3 Views: 12896

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Abbyson Living offers unique and luxurious products for the bedroom, dining room, living room, home theater, and office. These exquisite collections feature versatile pieces that can become the highlight of any home. However, it is important to always remember that when you put fine furniture into your home or office it requires care and regular maintenance. There are a few important things to remember when practicing preventative maintenance. One, leather, fabrics and wood, like any other natural material, can fade when exposed to direct sunlight over a long period of time. To minimize fading, avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. Also, do not place furniture near heating appliances as they can also damage the furniture. Two, keep your leather fresh and moisturized by using leather conditioners and wipes every few months. Also, vacuum your Abbyson Living leather and fabric collections on a weekly basis to avoid dust particles from settling into leather grains and fabric textures. Three, avoid cleaners which use harmful chemical products. Many of these are harsh and not safe for use on upholstery, leather, or wood. Four, evade stubborn stains and protect your furniture by avoiding household chemicals such as detergents, window cleaners, bleaches, nail polish, nail polish remover, glue, shoe polish, paint, and other corrosive materials. Five, leather is a natural product and any stress will result in tears. Therefore, when leather is used more intensely, it may become looser over time. Additionally, when stretched the leather might not completely return to its original shape. Six, if pillow cushions are sewn to the frame of your product, any pulling or tugging might result in a tear. Please avoid any leaning, sitting, or reaching over the back of the sofa. Seven, leather and fabrics are not resistant to animals. Allowing pets on your furniture is not recommended. Their claws may scratch the furniture, which can lead to expensive repairs. Their saliva is acidic and they also harm the upholstered finish. Thank you for watching our furniture care video and choosing Abbyson Living. Abbyson Living, inspired elegance for the way we live. [MUSIC PLAYING]