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Video: XTERRA® FS5.7e Elliptical

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XTERRA® FS5.7e Elliptical

Length: 7:27 Added: Oct-5 Views: 637

#598783 XTERRA® FS5.7e Elliptical


#598783 XTERRA® FS5.7e Elliptical

[MUSIC PLAYING] The top-of-the-line Xterra Fitness FS5.7e Incline Elliptical Trainer comes standard with all the features that have made Xterra Fitness Ellipticals top sellers. The FS5.7e comes equipped with our largest, easy-to-read, blue backlit display. It gives you all the critical feedback-- from calories, to time, to distance-- along with an assortment of energizing programs. With a simple press of a button, you could be in one of the heart rate training programs, or even design your own custom programs to help keep you working out day after day. The console also includes speakers and an audio jack for you to plug-in your choice of MP3 player or cell phone for entertainment, and a fan to keep you comfortable and cool. Want to check your heart rate or easily adjust the resistance? Simply grab the ergonomically positioned heart rate grips, and you will have feedback in seconds. And you can adjust the resistance with the easy-to-use thumb levers without ever moving your hands. This elliptical trainer also sports an electronic incline ramp, elevating up or down between 20 levels for the best workout experience. To keep your stride smoother, the FS5.7e comes with an extra heavy flywheel and padded foot pedals. The foot pedals also have a two-degree inward tilt, which will put you in a more ergonomically correct position for a more comfortable work out. The standard 20-inch stride length on the FS5.7e gives a smooth, quiet stride, and the dual wheel design gives plenty of stability and surface contact area to support even the most invigorating workouts. And the aircraft quality aluminum rails ensure the extra smooth stride mile after mile. The FS5.7e Incline Elliptical Trainer, for those who want the best home elliptical trainer at a great value.

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