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Length: 1:19 Added: Jun-10 Views: 72662

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Westchester is an extremely comfortable three-piece living room group that enhances entertainment and relaxation for family and friends or just you. Every seat features generously padded arms, seats, and back cushions that support every inch of your body, whether seated or reclined. The console loveseat includes cupholders to keep you refreshed as you relax and a storage arm for remotes and other items. Smooth recliner mechanisms operate with a light pull when it is time to kick back. Westchester has an updated tailored design aesthetic with soft top-grain cowhide chocolate leather on all seating surfaces, as well as contrasting stitching, adding a stylish touch. The Westchester collection offers plenty of function, style, and comfort for those serious about relaxing.