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Video: All Wood Cabinetry

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All Wood Cabinetry

Length: 2:30 Added: Jul-26 Views: 56687

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Tom's a professional remodeler working on a kitchen job. Mary's a wife and mother with a remodeling job of her own, updating her 1980s kitchen. Mary's husband agrees they need a new kitchen, but he's not interested in planning the remodel. Mary doesn't mind because she has a folder full of inspirational clippings and ideas. Mary is a Costco member. She visits and finds their All Wood Cabinetry selection. Tom's a loyal Costco Pro customer, and he's online too. When it comes to cabinets, he doesn't need hand holding and likes the convenience of shopping Tom's happy to find All Wood Cabinetry's high quality, all plywood cabinets at a great price. Custom built cabinets shipped directly to the job site in as fast as 10 days. They're only available online, not from a store. He also orders a sample door to show his customers so they feel confident about their choice. Tom places his order online using his company credit card. Mary learns about All Wood Cabinetry's online design services. She can use the quick Kitchen Estimator tool plus the linear footage of her kitchen to quickly see what fits within her budget. She can order a free color samplers to see how it will look in her home. And she can use All Wood Cabinetry's free online concierge design service. Mary uses the Kitchen Estimator first to learn she can easily afford the style of cabinets she wants. Since Mary's not confident in her design ability, she opts for taking advantage of the free concierge design service. Mary gets started designing her new kitchen while sitting in her old one. She downloads their step-by-step measuring guide and enlists her husband to help record the necessary measurements. Then she sends in her room measurements, and in a couple of days, she gets an email with full color digital renderings of her new kitchen. The quote includes different door styles so she can see what fits in her budget. The designer reminds Mary that the cabinets are only available online, so she places her order, and two weeks later her cabinets are on the way to her home, just enough time to find a qualified installer and pick out some new appliances. With All Wood Cabinetry's great customer service and convenience, amateurs and pros alike appreciate the quick and simple way to shop online for high quality cabinetry, all backed by Tom's customers were thrilled with their new kitchen, and Mary loves her remodeled kitchen so much, she's talking to All Wood Cabinetry about her new bathroom plans. Whether you're a homeowner or a professional remodeler, start designing dream kitchens today with All Wood Cabinetry and Call or book your online appointment now.