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Video: Dolica TX570b104 Tripod

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Dolica TX570b104 Tripod

Length: 2:23 Added: Sep-20 Views: 5241

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Hi. Today we're going to talk about the Dolica TX 570B104 reversible traveler edition tripod. The new TX570 adds versatility and stability to the way you photograph. The TX570B104 is good for indoor and outdoor photography thanks to its four position locks, dual extension center column, and reversible legs, as I'll demonstrate in a moment. The TX570 also comes with five leg extensions, aluminum alloy. Also comes with non-slip rubber feet in addition to four gorilla twist locks for additional stability and maximum locking power. The TX570 has a premium design ball head. It comes with quick release plate with lock and also a bubble level. The dual center column provides additional extension and maximum stability. The TX570's added feature is the reversible legs, which also gives you four angles to choose from. You got the standard. You have the wide. And you have the ground level. As I mentioned, the biggest feature is the reversal legs. It also allows you to take maximum macro photography. OK. And with a weight of only 2.5 pounds and a folded height of just 12.5 inches truly makes the Dolica TX570B104 reversible traveler edition tripod the only one choice for photographers today. Thank you.