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Video: Safety 1st - Air Protect - EN

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Safety 1st - Air Protect - EN

Length: 2:42 Added: Oct-8 Views: 100

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Video featuring products available on

[CRASH IMPACT] You know we're busy, as moms. We're driving our little ones from point A to point B. My biggest fear is car accidents. Although all accidents or are dangerous, side impact crashes are particularly dangerous. In fact, one out of three crash fatalities, involving children, are side impact and nearly all of these involve head trauma. So as a parent, what can we do to protect our children in these types of accidents? When you look at a frontal or rear collision with vehicle, there's a lot of structure there, in the front and the rear. In a side impact you're, literally, right at that door, as that car comes in and strikes the car I'm in it'll crush the door, the door will crush into the panel, and then, as it's going in, it'll actually hit the child restraint, and then the child restraint, with the doors and the vehicle will all come in and eventually hit me. [CRASH IMPACT] [MUSIC PLAYING] The test that we have here at Kettering really simulates what happens during a true collision of a vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to object by bringing in that generic door structure, as if it was a door from a vehicle impacting the child seat during the collision. It really can replicate what we see in the field. We're not gaining any more space so we need to develop and design mechanisms that will cushion the blow and transfer the energy away from the occupant the best that we can. So what we have in the air protect technology is, is we have two chambers, and what actually happens is, is the air comes out of to ports. It's not an airbag, no airbag, no explosives, it's a static, always ready type condition. In side impact, the greatest incident of trauma or risk of injury is that to the head and neck. Not as much head rotation, as we have here. So if you have this up by your head, and as I'm hitting it, it's going to be pushing the air and the energy out and away. For 25 year Safety First has been about innovating and been about making things safer for their children. And with this product, we're continuing that, so to be able to introduce such breakthrough technology it's really rewarding. The Air Protect System, having that there in the design of that protection around the head can only reduce the risk of injury to the child.