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Video: Windows 7

Windows 7 » Microsoft - Video Gallery
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Windows 7

Length: 1:22 Added: Jun-17 Views: 131976

Windows 7: watch this video featuring products available on


Windows 7: watch this video featuring products available on

A PC with Windows 7 is simpler. It works the way you want. It's responsive, reliable, and runs smoothly. Improvements have been made to make your PC start and shut down faster, and help you find things right away. Like when you want to open a program or find a document, just type what you're looking for into the Start menu search box, say DVD maker or travel schedule, and Windows finds it instantly. Enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies is also easy. With Windows Media Center and a TV tuner you can watch TV on your PC, or record it like with a DVR for free. And with Windows 7 it's easier than ever to make your PC truly yours. From arranging your desktop, minimizing clutter, or switching between applications, it's all about fitting your needs. But it's not just the everyday tasks that are quick and easy. So are the once in awhile tasks like setting up a printer or connecting to a wireless network. Hooking up a printer is as simple as plugging in a Windows compatible printer. And connecting to a wireless network is as simple as selecting it and clicking Connect. Windows 7 just helps you get things done quicker, easier, and faster.

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