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Video: Adagio 88-key Satin Rosewood Digital Piano

Adagio 88-key Satin Rosewood Digital Piano » Electronics - Video Gallery
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Adagio 88-key Satin Rosewood Digital Piano

Length: 1:59 Added: Nov-28 Views: 10816

Adagio 88-key Satin Rosewood Digital Piano


Adagio 88-key Satin Rosewood Digital Piano

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, I'm Tony Mullins with the Adagio Piano Company and I'm here to tell you today about the Adagio KDP-88 digital piano. The KDP-88 is the most affordable real piano you'll find on the market today. A real key feature is its weighted keys, hammer style action keys, which offer resistance of the type recommended by most music teachers. The range of the keyboard is very dynamic and velocity sensitive, so you can play notes at a very low pressure and at a very high pressure to cover the full range. The KDP-88 has a full-size feature cabinet and its rich, authentic, satin rosewood finish will enhance any decor. The included sustain pedal allows you to hold notes just like you would on an acoustic piano. A matching storage bench is also included. This piano has four speakers-- two 20 watt speakers and two 10 watt speakers for a full, rich-bodied sound, which will fill your room. You can also hook it up to external speakers. All sounds have been recorded in concert halls and studios to capture the proper acoustic environment and you can add reverb and chorus to enhance the sound. The KDP-88 as a built-in metronome, transpose function, and two track recorder so you can monitor your progress and hear your own compositions. There are eight different sounds including two piano sounds, two electric pianos, harpsichord, vibes, strings, and a church organ. It also has an LED display so you can see exactly what you are controlling on your piano. Overall, the KDP-88 is a feature rich, very affordable, user friendly instrument whose reliability is proven through tens of thousands of satisfied customers. We hope you enjoy playing yours. I'm Tony Mullins and this is the Adagio KDP-88 digital piano, available at

Costco - Adagio   88-key Satin Rosewood  Digital Upright Piano

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