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Video: STOTT PILATES® SPX® Reformer Package

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STOTT PILATES® SPX® Reformer Package

Length: 2:09 Added: Dec-1 Views: 35344

STOTT PILATES® SPX® Reformer Package


STOTT PILATES® SPX® Reformer Package

--the gear bar and the stopper back to the position we need it in for jumping. So, right here, moving everything back into one and one. And we're going to go with one spring. Bring the headrest back up. Ready to go? That was a little break for you there, too. This is it-- the final jumping sequence. So, we're going to start with your feet about hip distance apart, and you're going to start in that nice, neutral position. And just give me those easy jumps here, jumping back and return. Got the clock going, just so I don't make her go longer than she has to. Jumping out and landing with control. That's it. Reaching out. So, we just went from working the upper body, and now, we're working the lower body again and getting that heart rate going, getting that metabolism kicked in. Perfect. We're going to go skiing here. So, we're going to do a little bit of moguls. So, when you land, you're going to turn your legs from one direction to the other. Now, you see Natalia is doing a great job of keeping her feet at about the same height as she lands each time on the Cardio-Tramp Rebounder. What we don't want to do in this particular exercise is have one foot land higher than the other. That may mean that either you're flexing your hips a little bit too much for what we're trying to accomplish or you're turning your pelvis. That's perfect. Now, come back to the center for me, and jump in the center. We're going to go cross-country skiing. So, you're going to land with one foot up and one foot down on the Cardio-Tramp Rebounder and then switch. Notice that she's really articulating through both the top foot and the bottom right foot. Now, Natalia is able to get that bottom heel down. You might not be able to, but you are going for that stretch. And now, bring your feet hip distance apart for some easy, big jumps there, jumping out. Two more. One more time. And come all the way in. Now, we're going to do a quick stretch here. So, that was a minute and a half. You're going to press out with one leg, draw one knee in, and I want you to take that leg across your body. Just an easy stretch. You're--

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