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Video: Case Logic Camera & Laptop Bag

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Case Logic Camera & Laptop Bag

Length: 2:27 Added: Dec-3 Views: 4204

Case Logic Camera & Laptop Bag: watch this video featuring products available on


Case Logic Camera & Laptop Bag: watch this video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] For the traveling photographer, the Case Logic SLRC-206 backpack stores your digital SLR camera, all of your accessories, and even your laptop. For quick access to your camera without exposing all of your accessories, simply unzip the top of the pack and slide your digital SLR with attached lens through the patented neoprene suspension hammock designed to suspend your camera free from obstruction and protect the lens from impact during transport. Protective memory foam on the top of the case guards your delicate digital SLR screen. Unzip the remainder of the main compartment to reveal all accessory storage options. Customizable foam dividers allow you to adjust your bag to fit a wide variety of lenses and photo accessories. The internal organization panel stores your memory cards, filters, and manual. An accessory pocket on the side is ideal for a cell phone and cables or a point and shoot camera, while the front pocket is suited to fit an extra battery, charger, or other personal belongings. Secure your tripod or monopod to the side of the pack with these convenient tripod straps. The unique feature of this SLR backpack is the padded rear compartment for your laptop. If not transporting a laptop, use the compartment for a manual, journal, or light jacket. Unlike other backpacks, the molded EVA base enables the pack to stand freely upright and provides water resistant protection from damp ground. Air mesh on the back of the pack ensures added comfort and breathability when carrying a heavier load. Eliminate those pesky dangling straps with Case Logic's cord management system. Adjust the pack to your specified comfort, then roll and secure the excess straps to keep out of your way. Whether photography is your livelihood or your way of preserving those memorable moments, Case Logic's SLRC-206 is dedicated to protecting your equipment and ensuring you never miss the next photo op. Case Logic. Life simplified.